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16 August 2015

Measuring Humidity and Temperature Using a Raspberry Pi

I have a collection of old books and a basement to store them in. But in fact, I don't do that yet, because I had a suspicion that storing them there would not be healthy to the books. Old books and too much humidity don't go well together, especially if you want to keep the books in a pristine condition.

I could, of course, just go to the nearest builders merchant and get a cheap hygrometer for something like €7-15. But I wanted to track the humidity level over a period of at least a week, to see if factors like day/night conditions and changing weather (not to mention the tumble dryer in the next room) have any measurable effect on the level of humidity in the basement room.

Therefore I decided to build a humidity and temperature meter with logging capability from a Raspberry Pi and a few bits of electronics.

04 May 2015

3D Print Your Bitcoin Gear

Bitcoin is a pretty cool technology. 3D printing is a pretty cool technology. What does that tell you about combining the two? I'll leave that up to you to decide while I continue with my shameless plug of promoting a few Bitcoin related accessories and other gear that I 3D modelled and put up for anyone to order from Shapeways, the international 3D printing service company.